AJ Lowring PrePro

Lately, AJ Lowring and I have been in the pre-production stage of his new album that we’re about to start recording fairly soon. At the time of writing this post we’ve gotten down the arrangement of 9 songs (out of something like 30 that’s he’s written). The way we’ve been approaching these sessions is by […]

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Hello World

Say Hello to the World is a jingle my good friend and composer, Brian Bass wrote. We recorded this jingle in a day in a project studio I’m a part of in Baton Rouge, LA. Lorri Mon created the project, Say Hello to the World, with a goal in mind; to create a language resource on […]

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In March 2015 my brother and I took a trip to Iceland. I brought my Nikon FA that I took some black & white shots with but haven’t had time to print or scan any of the negatives. The trip was pretty great. We didn’t see as much as we anticipated but it still turned out a […]

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